Saturday, October 28, 2006

St. Pat's Hallowe'en Party

Saturday night my family went out to St. Patrick's Family Centre's annual Hallowe'en and Harvest Festival. What great costumes! We saw Harry Potter and Hermione, Spiderman, Barbie Princess, Witches, Ghosts, Little Devils, and even a blueberry!

We went as a football family.
I'm the quarterback, my wife Trish was the coach, and the girls were cheerleaders.
We had a lot of fun but I may have eaten too much candy...

Thanks for Listening!
Tony Smith

Friday, October 27, 2006

Magic Makeover #3

Monday morning at 7:40 Shelli and I will be kicking off our Magic Makeover #3. This is the one where we makeover your home for the holidays...and we're not talkin' about Hallowe'en :-)

We've teamed up with Christmas Décor by Lawn Rangers and the 12 months of Christmas to make over your home or business for the holidays.

With this edition of the makeover, you have a chance to have your home or business’ exterior decorated by Christmas Décor and choose the interior decorations of your choice from the 12 Months of Christmas.

Listen for details starting Monday at 7:40!

Thanks for Listening!
Tony Smith

Monday, October 23, 2006

Trash Talk

Monday morning we talked some trash...We wondered if you thought the new recycling rules in Greater Moncton are a hassle. Here are some links for you to check out...I think you'll agree that we've got it easy here compared to places like Halifax.



Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli

Halloween Safety

The Magic Morning Show wishes you a safe and happy Halloween. Here are some safety tips so that your spooky night stays fun!

1. Accompany your kids if you don't think they're old enough to trick-or-treat on their own.
2. If they're old enough to trick-or-treat without an adult, tell your kids to stay in a group.
3. Designate a route before your kids begin trick-or-treating, and make sure they stick to it.
4. Have your kids trick-or-treat in areas where there are a lot of people around. They should also avoid taking short-cuts through alleys and parking lots.
5. Ensure your kids only visit houses with lights on. And, you might also suggest the houses they visit have some sort of Halloween decoration on the porch.
6. Make sure your kids don't go inside anyone's house.
7. Dress your kids in a bright costume so others can see them. If their costume is dark, have your kids wear reflective strips or carry a glow stick or flashlight.
8. Ensure your kids' costumes aren't so long that they can trip over them.
9. Instead of masks, have your kids wear make-up so they can see better.
10. Check your kids' candy before they eat it. Throw out any candy that is not in its original wrapper or looks like it has been tampered with.
11. Tell your kids to never accept a ride or go anywhere with a stranger.
12. Encourage your kids to follow all the regular rules for walking around. That includes looking both ways before crossing, obeying all traffic laws and using cross walks and crossing lights where available.
13. Drop all candy off at 1000 St. George Blvd so that it can be quality tested by Tony and Shelli.

Happy Halloween!
"Terrible" Tony & "Scary" Shelli

Friday, October 20, 2006

Red Rally

Magic 104 was proud to be a part of the first ever Red Rally at Centennial Park in Moncton on Friday. Organized by the Moncton Military Family Resource Centre, it was a chance for Greater Moncton to show support for our service men and women and their families here at home. Remember to wear red on Fridays...It's not a political statement...just a show of support for Canadians who are helping people around the world to enjoy the same freedoms that we take for granted. Drop by the centre and pick up your official Red Friday gear or stop in and see the gang at The St. George Blvd Irving Mainway...They have it there too!

Thanks For Listening!
Tony Smith

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow



Thanks to everyone who donated to Tear A Strip Off Of Tony for yesterday's CIBC Run For The Cure. Thanks to your $50 donations to give Tony "The Hot Wax Hair Removal" treatment, we were able to raise $1,400 for The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation this year!

We'd like to thank the staff and owners of Escape Spa at 460 Mountain guys played a major role in our fundraising this year and it wouldn't have been possible without you!

Magic 104 had the pleasure of hosting the 9th annual CIBC Run For The Cure at Centennial Park yesterday in Moncton. Over 2,500 people from across South-East New Brunswick helped to raise $439,760 for The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! That's more than $2 million since the run began here in 1998. The top fundraiser this year was the team from The Salisbury Irving Big Stop, they raised more than $172,000 with their car raffle. That draw happens at 2 this afternoon by the listening to Magic 104 for the winner announcement. The top schools were Evergreen School in the K-8 category and Riverview High in the senior category. The run, which took place in more than 50 cities across Canada yesterday, is an effort to raise money for research and education for Breast Cancer. Last year, the run raised more than $23 million nationally and organizers said they hope to raise $26 million this year.

Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli