Sunday, August 17, 2008

20th Annual Tri Parlee

Magic 104 was proud to present the 20th annual Parlee Beach Triathlon on Sunday, August 17th in Shediac. Last year I did the sprint edition and wanted to step it up this year...but not without some help :-) So I did the 1500 metre ocean swim, my wife Trish did the 40 kilometre bike ride and then I did the 10 K run. It was a BLAST! Thanks to the great folks at Parlee Beach for putting on such a terrific event and making Magic 104 a part of it!

Thanks for Listening!
Tony Smith

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Magic Movies In The Park

Friday night we showed Ghostbusters at Magic Mountain...thanks to our friends from the CIBC Run For The Cure for running our Bar-B-Q...especially the pink ladies!

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Tony & Shelli

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Eagles

Hi Tony and Shelli.....Despite losing a sandal in the mud and walking the entire distance from the concert site to Mountain Road with one barefoot and one sandal, and then up Mountain Rd. and back down Mountain Rd. to finally have to stand on the bus back to get our grand-daughter and I had a total blast at the Eagles concert. We managed to work out way through the crowd to be very close to the stage and it was totally awesome. What a class act! My husband died almost two years ago and we always said we would see them if they came here. I bought an extra ticket for a friend and they couldn't it was like Don's way of coming to that concert with he was truly there. I have been to many concerts in my life but this was without a doubt the best ever.....the crowd sang every word to every song and the energy was profound. I love listening to your show and I am sure you will be bombarded with emails but I just had to share this with you! You guys are awesome and thanks for all the great things you do to make this world a better place....laughter is the best medicine and you bring joy to many lives.
Blessings to you Bev Doucette

Hi Tony & Shelli, Just wanted to say thanks so much for the 2 tickets to the Eagles concert. My mom always said that my "wedding day" story would pay off some day. With the extra tickets, we brought the kids along with us; Shelby (who answered your call at home) and Emma who's 12. We had an amazing time! To be at a concert with 60,000 people is insane. It was exhilirating and exciting and glorious and fun, etc etc. KT and Sam Roberts were good, but John Fogerty and the Eagles really rocked the night away. We danced and screamed til KT's black horse fell over!! LOL I tried to find you to give you the kisses I promised you guys, but I never did make it inside the beer tent. Thanks again. Can't wait to win another contest. Keep up the great work you guys. We're always listening. Monette, Andy, Shelby & Emma xox

Thanks for Listening

Tony & Shelli

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Eagles


Thanks for helping us bring The Eagles to Moncton.
Tony & Shelli

Friday, August 01, 2008

Cans For A Concert & The Baby Eagle

Friday, August 1st we did another edition of Cans For A Concert for a shot at Eagles tickets on The Magic Morning Show...Thanks to you we filled the back of my pickup with your food donations and got $230 cash too! Congratulations to the gang at Fenety Marketing who brought by more than 150 cans and packages of food...They went home with tickets to The Magnetic Hill Music Festival!

We also had our friend Tracy Wilen on hand to perform her 'What Would You Do For Eagles Tickets' stunt...Tracy let us pour honey on her and stick feathers all over her body...she was a baby eagle for the morning show...right on Champlain Street!

Thanks for listening!
Tony & Shelli