Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tony & TheTreadmill

Magic 104 is proud to present the CIBC Run For The Cure here in Moncton...and every year we try to do something fun to raise money for a very special cause...the fight against breast cancer. In the past we've put Tony in a pink dress, waxed his legs, and made him dye his hair pink...this year we did something different...Tony's a we thought we'd put him on a treadmill in downtown Moncton...for 10 hours! We tossed him on at 7am during the Magic Morning Show on Friday...and asked for pledges to keep him on...$5 a minute. When Tony climbed off the treadmill 10 hours later at 5pm he had run more than 70 kms and we had raised more than $3,000!

Thanks for Listening!

Tony & Shelli


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