Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Guns & Hoses Blood Drive

Thursday, December 21st you can give the most important present this holiday season...the gift of life! The Codiac RCMP and The Moncton Fire Department are getting together for their fifth annual Gun's & Hoses blood drive on Thursday at Global Festival Hall. The clinic goes from Noon until 3:30 and again in the evening from 5-7pm. We had Fireman Steve and Mountie Guy on the show with us Tuesday and Shelli got a chance to spend some time with the 'men in uniform'. (Hey...Is that smile for Steve and Guy or the cardboard cut-out???)

Thanks for Listening!
Tony Smith

Shelli, The 2 Tonys, & Toys

The Magic 104 Christmas Toy Drive has 'wrapped' up for another year. In the coming days, with help from organizations like The United Way, we'll be getting your toys under trees and to kids in The Moncton and George Dumont Hospitals. Thank you so much for making Christmas come true for hundreds of little boys and girls across South-East New Brunswick. In the pictures you can see the pile of toys collected in our Signway boxes at Champlain Place this year...and Shelli and I with our friend The Tony Stewart Cardboard Cut-Out (If all that guy's gonna do is stand around in the studio he's got another 'think' coming...).

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Tony Smith

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Red Friday

The Magic Morning Show wears red every Friday to show our respect and thanks to our military. We have our new Support Our Troops sweatshirts on today. (Thanks Mike!) You can get your official gear...(It makes a great Christmas gift!) at the Military Family Resource Centre at 21 Bennett Avenue in Moncton.

Thanks for listening and supporting our service men and women.
Tony & Shelli

But can he do yoga?

Here's Shelli and her 'handsome man' during our official NASCAR Day celebrations.

Boogidy Boogidy Boogidy,
Tony & Shelli

The Bad Christmas Gift Swap Shop

Yesterday we celebrated Worst Gift Wednesday on the show...

According to a recent survey...one of every four Christmas gifts we get is unsuitable — either the wrong size or color, duplicates or just not liked. That's about $3 billion worth of gifts each year which will either be returned or merely hidden in a closet!

What's your worst gift ever?

I was all set to tell you about my worst present ever...but I got a new one Tuesday night...This one far surpasses any bad Christmas gift I've ever gotten. I'd like to extend a personal thanks to the person who ran into the front of my car last night. Thanks so much...you shouldn't have. My wife was at work and somebody bashed in the front end of my car and left without saying anything. So it's kind of like you're a 'Secret Santa'. It would be nice if I could find you someday so I can re-gift you...(I actually suggested on the show Wednesday that an entire team of ponies pooping in your stocking might be nice...but we had another caller who had the same sort of thing happen to her and I liked her 'Secret Santa Revenge' better...The picture above was her idea...)

In any case...If you have in your possession...a Christmas gift that you have never used...but felt too guilty to throw it out or regift...We will give you an opportunity to trade it on the show before Christmas. Maybe you don't like your bad Christmas gift but doesn't that gift deserve it's freedom? Even bad Christmas gifts deserve to be loved by someone. I bet there's someone out there that wants your bad Christmas gift and maybe...just maybe...they have a bad Christmas gift that you would like. I'll just throw this out there...I reserve the right to block anybody's trade if it's something I like...I'll trade you a brand new Magic 104 t-shirt for it.

Call your bad Christmas Gifts in before December 22nd or e-mail them to tony.smith@mbsradio.com

Here's our 'inventory' so far...

1. One Ornamental Duck - Might be ceramic. Mint Condition. From Christmas '95

2. One Thunder Bay Board Game (It's Shelli's) - It's in 'questionable' condition and smells like her boyfriend Dan's hockey gear.

3. Bad Smell in a Can - Approximately 10 years old. Never opened.

4. A box of assorted teletubbies and a barney CD.

5. A three pack of 'pre-owned granny panties'

6. One tin of short-bread cookies - From Christmas '03. Never opened!

Happy Swapping!
Tony & Shelli

Friday, December 08, 2006

'E' Day

Maybe you heard us talking to my friend Principal Nick Smith a couple of weeks ago. He is the fearless (and fun) leader at Magnetic Hill School. He and his Vice Principal Carter Assels made a deal with the students that if they hit a fund-raising target for the recent home and school campaign that they would get an egg shampoo in front of the entire student body. The kids raised about $30,000!!! Being men of their word (and apparently suckers for punishment), Principal Smith (Yes, he's my other brother) and Vice Principal A sat down for the high protein nutrient scalp rubdown on Friday. They were nice enough to invite me to 'officiate' too. Great pictures of a couple of our terrific educators here in District II. By the way...the kids were WIRED!

Thanks for Listening!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Most Dangerous Toy Ever?

On Wednesday's show we talked about a new list out that warns about the most dangerous toys that you can buy your kids...Those Heely roller sneakers made the list this year.

Check out the rest of the list here: http://toysafety.org/worstToyList_index.html

Here's a link to the Canadian Toy Testing Council that you might find useful too:

Thanks for listening!
Tony & Shelli

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Daddies

Magic 104 was proud to be a partner with the 43rd annual Christmas Daddies telethon yesterday here in New brunswick and on Prince Edward Island. The 7 hour broadcast event aired locally on CTV and across Canada on ASN showed once again how generous Maritimers can be, especially when it comes to kids and Christmas...and from so many different individuals and organizations...From kids like Sara, Thomas and Hayley, who donated $70 in chore money...to the biggest cheques of the day from HBC with a presentation of more than $100,000! Magic 104 even got in on the act with a cheque for $3,044...the proceeds from our hugging event on Saturday. Funds raised were bigger than ever...New Brunswick and PEI up more than $26,000 over last year with $187,836 raised. The grand total for the event was also a record number...$869,798.02!!! Remember that you can honour those pledges at any branch of the Royal Back and online at ChristmasDaddies.org

More Hugging

As Journey so eloquently once put it...

Thanks for Hugging!
Tony Smith

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Please Hug Me!

Our afternoon host Melanie Sampson had a great thought a little while back...wouldn't the world be a nicer place if there was more hugging? We put that plan into action on Saturday at Champlain Place...and for a great cause...Christmas Daddies. We set up a hugging booth and charged a minimum donation of $2 per hug. What a great response! 4 hours of hugging and we got $544!!! By the way...I out-hugged Mel 75-70...but that's not what it's about...it's about the kids. Christmas Daddies was the real winner. (And Tony).

Thanks so much for your great hugs!
Tony Smith