Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dancing With Canucks

Dancing with the Stars is one of the hottest shows in the last 5 years...
We follow it on the show every week...

Isn't it time for a Canadian version?

We talked about it on Wednesday's show.
Who would be on it? We had a few suggestions to get us started...

Dan Ackroyd

Joni Mitchell

And we need a hockey player...I'm gonna say Doug Gilmour


Mary Walsh

Leonard Cohen

Martin Short (As Ed Grimly)

William Shatner (Shelli is SUCH a Trekkie)

What did you think?

-Donald Sutherland

- Rick Mercer

- Red Green

- Shania!

- Leslie Neilson

- Steve Murphy
- Celine Dion

- Jim Carrey

- Don Cherry

- Keanu Reeves

- Pierre Trudeau (R.I.P)

Thanks for Listening!

Tony & Shelli


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