Sunday, April 29, 2007

Office Party #5: Riverview!

Friday we got to meet Carol Aube and the staff at Credit Union Central of NB on Pinewood Road in Riverview! Great to see so many smiling faces! (Of course...they're always smiling when you bring free lunch from Subway ;-)

Carol and the gang got the Subway lunch, Magic 104 office supplies, and she gets to keep a 19" flat screen monitor from Red Ball Internet!

We'd love to see you on Friday with The Go Anywhere Office Party...just go to the Magic 104 website and enter your office!

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Tony & Shelli

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Canada's Greatest Hockey Mom

MasterCard Canada has launched a search for the country's greatest hockey mom!
One of Shelli's favorite players Bobby Orr is helping in the search!

Enter here: Canada's Greatest Hockey Mom

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Tony & Shelli

Shelli At Speedsport

Shelli got to meet Nascar driver Terry Labonte at Speedsport over the weekend. She apparently introduced herself as "Shelli Summers...New Nascar Fan..." He replied that he was "Terry Labonte...Old Nascar Driver..."

Thanks for Listening
Tony Smith

Friday, April 20, 2007

Go Anywhere Office Party #4

We had another great office party on Friday compliments of
Red Ball Internet & Subway restaurants...but there was something missing! I should say 'someone' missing...The winner! We did our draw at 9:50 and it was Jeannine Nott at FedEx in Dieppe...but Jeannine was in Halifax! (See...I've told you that no good can ever come from going to Halifax...) So Jeannine's co-workers enjoyed lunch without her :-(...I's sad...but perhaps Jeannine will find solace in the 19" flat screen computer monitor we left behind for her to take home! We also left behind a whole ton of Magic 104 office supplies like travel mugs, mouse pads and pens! You could be our next winner...just go to the Magic 104 website and fill out our office party application...and then never leave town on a Friday :-) Thanks for Listening! Tony & Shelli

The Kiss Experiment

The Magic Morning Show strives to educate you at home, at work, or in your car every it was in the spirit of higher learning that we conducted a science experiment at our studios on Friday morning...(Although Shelli says that every show is something of an experiment but whatever...)...There's a new study out that says that Hershey's Chocolate Kisses make you feel better than a real kiss! Shelli met listeners in the studio parking lot, had them eat a chocolate kiss and then kiss her Tony Stewart cardboard cut-out. The results? The chocolate won hands down but I think the evidence might be tainted...Shelli wouldn't let anybody kiss Tony Stewart without him wearing a plastic bag for protection...

Thanks for Listening!

Tony Smith

Friday, April 13, 2007

Go Anywhere Office Party #3

Friday's we team up with Red Ball Internet & Subway for our Go Anywhere Office Parties.
We had a great time today at Co-Op Atlantic with our friend Carolyn Brine in the Marketing & Communication department. Carolyn won subs and office supplies for her whole gang at work and get to take home a great 19" computer monitor!

I you want to win just visit our website and enter...we could be having lunch at your place next Friday!

Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Go Anywhere Office Party #2

Congratulations to our latest winner of Tony & Shelli's Go Anywhere Office Party...Dawn Parke of
The Greater Moncton YMCA! Dawn and the gang got tasty treats from Subway...Magic 104 office supplies...and Dawn gets to take home a 19" computer monitor from Red Ball Internet!

Update: We got a great e-mail from Dawn...

Hi Tony & Shelli! Just wanted to say thanks for the terrific Go Anywhere Office party last week - all of us at the YMCA appreciated it! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed having you all there - the subs and Magic 104 supplies were a big hit. I am LOVING my new 19" flat screen computer monitor - thanks to Red Ball Internet! Hope to see you this Friday, April 13th at the Battle of the Brains! Cheers, Dawn Parke Administrative Support Staff YMCA of Greater Moncton

You can win too...Go to Magic104.Ca and fill out your entry...we could be coming to see you on Friday!

Thanks for Listening!

Tony & Shelli

Russ Howard Book Day

Olympic Gold medallist Russ Howard made a return to the show on Thursday to talk about his new book. It's a personal memoir of the game that has made him a household name in Canada with stories from when he was growing up in Ontario to his family's move to Moncton in the 90's to his Olympic win with Team Gushue last Winter in Torino. We had a great hour with Russ...I think he left with a sore wrist from signing stuff for Shelli! Here's a link to the Amazon.Ca page where you can buy the book.

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Tony & Shelli

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tony's Pro Basketball Debut

Wednesday night at The Moncton Coliseum marked the debut of Tony as a pro basketball player! Unfortunately he was signed by The New York Nationals and not by their opponent...The Harlem Globetrotters. Good thing he didn't bet on the game!

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Tony & Shelli

Blondes DO have more fun...

Tuesday we had our 1st annual morning show 'Hoops Skills Competition' in front of Moncton City Hall.
Tony vs. You.
The prize?
Harlem Globetrotters tickets!
Tony's record?
The most humiliating loss of the morning probably came at the hands of Natalie Arseneault who's in Grade 3 at Bessborough School. She totally kicked Tony's butt at the dribbling contest.

Congratulations to all of our winners...and thanks for putting Tony in his place.

Thanks for Listening!