Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It Was Soup-er!

We had a great time Wednesday at the 2nd annual Soupfest for Support To Single Parents. Thanks to Nancy and her staff for inviting us and thanks to all of the restaurants in Greater moncton for supporting such a 'soup-er' cause! In the picture above you can see me with my gigantic spoon and Gonzague from The Barnyard Bar-B-Q...Great Gumbo!

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Tony Smith

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Legs For Literacy $$$

Last night at The Running Room The Legs for Literacy committee made cheque presentations to School Districts I & II. The event this past November had more than 800 runners and walkers and raised $15,000 for reading programs in both school districts! It's interesting to note that the 2005 cheque presentations were for $500 the funds were up more than 15 times this year! Magic 104 was very proud to be the radio sponsor for the event which promotes so many of the things that we believe in...Health, fitness, learning & fun! (Let's not forget the sweating, medals, and t-shirts either, eh runners? :-)

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Tony & Shelli

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Me and My Pal Russ

Hi everybody,

It's Shelli here. Just thought I'd take a moment to post some pictures of me and my CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND Russ Howard! Russ was kind enough to pose for some pictures with me recently at our favorite place to hang out together...Club Beausejour!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Toonies For Tomar

We got a letter over the weekend from our friend Principal Smith at Magnetic Hill Elementary School...Here it is:

Dear Tony & Shelli,

I wanted to pass on that we have a special project going on at Magnetic Hill School. It's called Toonies for Tomar and I'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word and perhaps our little project could grow into something really special. Tomar the Tiger is the icon of the Magnetic Hill Zoo. We have recently learned that he is quite ill and his time at the zoo is limited. As the School that has Magnetic Hill Zoo as part of its community many of the children have expressed an interest and concern for Tomar. I have been in contact with Mr. Bruce Dougan, General Manager of the Zoo, and shared the comments and best wishes from the children at our school. The next step was to see what we as a community can do as an act of support. The result is our "Toonies for Tomar" campaign. This week long campaign asks that each child contribute $2.00 towards Tomar. The monies raised will be used in one of three ways: for the ongoing to care Tomar, towards the purchase of a memorial for Tomar or to assist in the purchase of a new tiger for the Zoo. This way we can act locally on a "service-into-action-project" at our school. Your voluntary support of this cause is greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Smith
Principal Magnetic Hill School

We think that this is a great idea. If you'd like more information you can call Magnetic Hill School at 856-3428.

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Tony & Shelli

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Run Club @ -34

I want to say WHOOP WHOOP to the members of my half-marathon clinic (The brave/stupid ones anyway) who showed up for hill training on Wednesday night...hey...five hills was better than none! Way to go Michelle, Andrew, Gary, and that lady I don't know. Running 8.5 K and 5 hills in -34 temperatures might sound like it's crazy to most people but I call it FUN!
PS: Anybody who wants to come along, we have free run club every Wednesday night at 6 and Sunday morning's at 8:30 at The Running Room on Main Street in Moncton. Thanks for Listening! Tony Smith

Friday, January 12, 2007

Storm Pool Update!

The Magic Morning Show Snow Storm Pool: Edition #2 goes live on Monday morning and this weekend is the last chance to get your entry in. We want you to pick a school day between this Monday, January 15th and Friday, March 2nd. If school is canceled in New Brunswick School District 1 or 2 then you could win our terrific prize package:

1. A family 4 pack of Magic 104 t-shirts
2. Two 15" pizza's from Cedar's Pizza 2 for 1, St. George Street, Moncton
3. Two 6 foot "Mega-Luge 66" toboggans (The fastest 'boggan on the planet...that we could afford :-)


4. Two passes to the Memramcook Resort and Spa where you can chose 3 fabulous treatments!

If you are the only one who picked the win! If we have more than one person who picked the correct cancellation date we will do an on-air draw. If we make it to March Break and there's been no storm...We'll do an on-air draw from all entries recieved.

Get your entries in by Midnight on Sunday, January 14th.

Click here to send us an e-mail: Storm Pool: Edition #2

Good luck and Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hearts For Kandahar

We'd like to tell you about a really cool thing that a local group is doing for our Canadian military stationed in Afganistan. It's called 'Hearts For Kandahar'...and it's a chance to show our service men and women a little 'love' on the day when it means most...Valentine's Day! Heidi Gorham and a group from Riverview have come up with this idea and have gotten help from Master Packaging, Home Hardware and several local businesses. Starting this Friday, they will be placing collection boxes thoughout Greater Moncton and giving you a chance to send Valentines to Afganistan. The boxes will be around the tri-communities for about two weeks and will be collected at the beginning of February. They will then be sent to Gagetown to catch a flight for Kandahar so that our military women and men get them in time for Valentine's Day! If you are interested in hosting a box you can contact Heidi at

We will also be hosting a Valentine collection box here at our studios at 1000 St. George Blvd in Moncton. Check back soon for a location near you.

Thanks for Listening!

Tony & Shelli

*Magic 104 is a proud supporter of our Canadian service men and women. We don't look at it as a political statement, we instead choose to think of it as showing our respect to our thousands of brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, husbands, wives, & neighbors who work to bring Canadian values to parts of the world who have never known the type of freedom that many of us take for granted.

Rosie Vs. Donald

Here's the link to the Rosie Vs. Donald game we were talking about this morning.
Shelli and I both recommend it as an excellent way to waste time at work! Go Here: Rosie Vs. Donald Thanks for listening! Tony Smith

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Tragedy. Plain and simple. Gil Grissom is leaving CSI tonight. Take some personal time to reflect and perhaps sob a bit today. Feel free to post your feelings and we'll email the web link to CBS.

Tony Smith

Snow Storm Pool #2

Did you know that we haven't had a single storm day yet this school year?

That's hasn't been canceled once!

A travesty! (For kids and teachers :-)

So...The Magic Morning show presents...The 2nd Annual Snow Storm Pool!
We want you to pick a week day between Monday, January 15th and Friday, March 2nd...If we get a storm and school is canceled on the date you pick...You could win a 'fabulous' prize!!! So pick a school day between January 15th and March Break...That begins on Friday, March 2nd. If school is canceled in District I & II because of a snow storm on the date you picked you're in the draw! If you were the only one to pick the win the prize outright!

If there's no storm between now and March Break, everybody gets in on the draw. One entry per person please. You have until Midnight on Sunday, January 14th to make your pick.
You can only enter online (For now).

Enter by e-mailing:

Good luck!!!
Tony & Shelli

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Are your kids in sports? Expensive isn't it? Did you know that you can apply to get up to $500 of your money back with a new program from Revenue Canada?

Go here: Kids Fitness Rebate

Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli