Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More pics from paradise

Jamaican Bobsled!

About 5 minutes down the road from the Sandals here in Jamaica there's a brand new attraction called Mystic Mountain...and it's completely devoted to the world famous Jamaican Bobsled Team! You take a 15 minute chairlift ride up the mountain side through the beautiful rain forest and at the top you can actually take the Jamaican Bobsled ride!

Wish you were here

Tony & Shelli

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tony & Shelli's Jamaican Jam 2009

Wow! And we thought our first island adventure was great...We're back at Sandals in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and having a better time than last year if you can believe it!
So far we've been to street parties and Jamaican bobsledding in the rain forest...and went to a wedding on the beach! And maybe a little laying around on the beach too :-)
Wish you were here!

Tony & Shelli
The Magic 104 Morning Show

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dancing With Canucks

Dancing with the Stars is one of the hottest shows in the last 5 years...
We follow it on the show every week...

Isn't it time for a Canadian version?

We talked about it on Wednesday's show.
Who would be on it? We had a few suggestions to get us started...

Dan Ackroyd

Joni Mitchell

And we need a hockey player...I'm gonna say Doug Gilmour


Mary Walsh

Leonard Cohen

Martin Short (As Ed Grimly)

William Shatner (Shelli is SUCH a Trekkie)

What did you think?

-Donald Sutherland

- Rick Mercer

- Red Green

- Shania!

- Leslie Neilson

- Steve Murphy
- Celine Dion

- Jim Carrey

- Don Cherry

- Keanu Reeves

- Pierre Trudeau (R.I.P)

Thanks for Listening!

Tony & Shelli

Friday, November 07, 2008

Bad To The Boot

Had our first ever "Bad To The Boot" contest on Friday...Congratulations to Rose Rivard and her 'moss covered' boots! Rose won a $150 gift certificate to spend at The Shoe Tree!

Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli

Monday, October 06, 2008

Run For The Cure 2008

A great day yesterday for the 2008 CBCF-CIBC Run For The Cure in Moncton...More than 3,000 runners and walkers helped to raise $387,463!!! That's up about $20,000 from last year! Wanna say a special hello to our friends at the Salisbury Big Stop who were once again the top fundraising team with more than $111,000!!! Top schools were Evergreen and Riverview High. Other big fundraisers were The Dream Team and 'Tit Bateau. What an awesome afternoon...make sure you honour those pledges at any branch of the CIBC.

Thanks for fighting breast cancer!

Tony & Shelli

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tony & TheTreadmill

Magic 104 is proud to present the CIBC Run For The Cure here in Moncton...and every year we try to do something fun to raise money for a very special cause...the fight against breast cancer. In the past we've put Tony in a pink dress, waxed his legs, and made him dye his hair pink...this year we did something different...Tony's a we thought we'd put him on a treadmill in downtown Moncton...for 10 hours! We tossed him on at 7am during the Magic Morning Show on Friday...and asked for pledges to keep him on...$5 a minute. When Tony climbed off the treadmill 10 hours later at 5pm he had run more than 70 kms and we had raised more than $3,000!

Thanks for Listening!

Tony & Shelli

Friday, September 26, 2008

The 'Circle Of Life' Hula Hoop Challenge

It started in the darkness of of the early morning on Friday, September 26th...It ended nearly 4 hours and 30 minutes later...The first (and, quite frankly last) Circle of Life Hula Hoop Challenge for Elton John tickets!

Magic 104 congratulates Lynn Hachey of Moncton...who set a new Magic Morning Show record for hula hooping...4 hours 27 minutes and 53 seconds!

Lynn's going to see Elton John at the Moncton Coliseum on Sunday night (Which also happens to be her birthday!) courtesy of Moncton's Lite Rock, Magic 104!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bulldog Fitness!

Had a great time with our friends at Bulldog Interactive Fitness on the weekend...this is a fun new place for kids to get active on Mountain Road...check out their website and then drop in for a visit.

Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli

3rd Annual Christmas Daddies Family Fun Day

Thanks to everyone who came out with us Saturday for the 3rd Annual Christmas Daddies Family Fun Day at The Moncton Coliseum Agrena Complex...What a great day! $21,000 raised this year! That's up 40% from last're the BEST!

Make sure you put the 2008 Christmas Daddies telethon on your calendar...It's Sunday, December 7th from 11-6 on CTV!

Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli

Sandra "The Wheelbarrow Lady" Hickman

Our friend Sandra Hickman is a breast cancer survivor. Every year Sandy collects pennies for the cure and she takes them to the bank in a pink wheelbarrow. She has invited us along for the trip the last few years and this year I took my girls out of school to come with us. Thanks for letting us share your fun Sandy! Almost $500 in pennies this year!

Thanks for Listening!
Tony Smith

More Think Pink!

Man! Did they EVER pink up City Hall!

Think Pink!

Magic 104 is proud to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and The CIBC Run For The Cure! Shelli and I were honoured to be asked to join the judging panel again for Think Pink Week in Greater Moncton...look at all that PINK! Please join us in the fight against breast cancer on Sunday, October 5th at Centennial Park for The Run for the Cure!

Thanks for Listening!
Tony & Shelli